Thursday, May 29, 2014

Takis - Tenebras Mules!

Since Uri's aircraft was destroyed, our protagonists have to look again and again for new travel opportunities. For book 3 "Tueri" Thorsten Kiecker wanted a special and new design.
The Mounts initially called "Flamos" didn't convinced him at the end. His original design concept did not seem to be working. He had to find a new design approach that would support the story better.

Design by: Maggy Lisakowski based on preliminary sketches of Thorsten Kiecker

Design by: Ron Lipkowski, alternative 'Flamos' designs
After various concept designs of his team, Thorsten Kiecker outlined his ideas in small simple drawings, let himself be guided by Möbius courage to the abstract and decided to work out something against any conventional notion of a riding animal.

In close collaboration with artist Ron Lipkowski, abstract and coral-like creatures emerged, in a fantastic look. Both the mobility and the story were positively affected. A new name had to emphasize the dynamics of the design: Takis!

Design by: Ron Lipkowski based on preliminary sketches of Thorsten Kiecker

The integration of those Takis in the page layout, made Thorsten Kiecker completely satisfied.

Page Layout by: Ron Lipkowski, Characters by: Christian Retzlaff